Forum Title: Andersen windows do not qualify for tax rebate
I was bummed to learn that my new andersen windows I just received do not qualify for the federal energy tax rebate. The guideline being it needs to have a U factor and a Solar Heat gain of less than.30, the standard Andersen 400's have .30 and .31 respectively. I did not upgrade the glass option to smart sun based on the advice of the contractor who said it was not worth the money and that here in Maine a lower solar heat gain isn't really better. I think it stinks that they couldn't have had a little different standard depending on your location. I will likely save more energy than I would have if I had upgraded by taking advantage of solar heat through the windows. I guess this is more of a rant than a question, but I would love to have anyone explain solar heat gain better, I think I'm on the right track that a higher gain in my climate is actually better.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ROBERTA GUERRERO (Medford, OR), 01/10/2019

From a security standpoint, it is difficult to make a pocket door pry resistent. Locks are actually for honest people anyhow. There are few door you can't open with a wonder bar. But definitely a space saver, if you have the door width of unused wall space(no ducts, wiring, plumbing). All of that can be relocated, but complicates things. Use only quality Johnson hardware, and their instructions are pretty clear if you have good mechanical skills.

- Lyndi (Utica, NY), 02/22/2019

Since the inception of the energy credit, I always quote only products that qualify, or let my customer know they don't. I am surprised to hear that the Andersen products you selected did not. It sounds like your contractor let you down by not being specific as to what you were buying.

- CRAIG MORALES (Waterbury, CT), 02/08/2019

I'm not sure what problem one of the mods is having, but I have posted that link twice and both times it has dissapeared without a note. So we will try this link. The Efficient Windows Collaborative: Resources This one gives a brief description of SHGC and I believe is in agreement with your thinking. Bud

- DEBRA ADAMS (Independence, MO), 02/23/2019

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