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The bow window in my 1969 house is in need of some repair. The bow sits under the soffit with no roof of it's own, and the glass panes are fixed. I recently noticed that it is sagging about 1/4 of inch on one side and appears to be rotting in that area. There is a bottom support (brick to match the house) in the center under the window. The window sticks out about 10 inches from the house. I am not sure how to go about repairing the window. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: FRANK YOUNG (Hoover, AL), 01/08/2019

helbigtw Welcome to the forums. I've run into this situation on couple of doors that I was installing, but I have NEVER walked away from the job until the problem was corrected!! What I have used to fill the gap (or brace the outer edge of the threshold) is a piece of composite decking that is cut to completely support the threshold. You may have to put shims between the concrete and the composite to bring the composite up to the bottom of the threshold.

- BERNICE BANKS (Boca Raton, FL), 03/06/2019

The bricks aren't a support!! There is a wall framed behind them that IS the support. given the tax credit, and the fact that you have a 1/4 sag -- do it now, do it RIGHT, and let the rest of us taxpayers help you foot the bill!!

- BOBBIE RODGERS (Terre Haute, IN), 02/01/2019

I would tend to agree with the others... especially given the fact that if it has taken 40 years to sag, and has done so slowly without cracking the glass... you would have to think that the potential would be that if you jacked it back up suddenly, the glass could crack due to the sudden shift. Pressure points cause stress cracks, and that is likely what could happen if you tried a bottle jack under the window or tried running cables (capped under the seat of the bay/bow) up through the mullions to a turnbuckle tied to the rafters above the window in the soffit. So even though replacement may not be a DIY option, I also would suggest that replacement is your best option. But it's your house, your windows so you make the call.

- SALLY NEWMAN (Syracuse, NY), 02/22/2019

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