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I read some questions on putting in an exterior door. My situation is: I'm wanting to use an existing door that is on a wall between kitchen and garage and move it to an exterior door location on my enclosed/remodeled garage. This is a plain steel exterior door, but is just a 4 9/16 jamb. I've framed up the new opening, but have not cut out the brick yet. My questions are exactly how do I frame the opening(even though I've already framed it with 2x4's) when it has a brick veneer which is almost 2 inches away from the 2x4 framing? I did buy 2 pieces of brick moulding which is 1 1/4 wide and 1 in. wide on the other side. The top of the doorway will not have brick since my brick veneer stops there anyway where facia boards are. Can I make the standard door w/standard jamb width work here, or not? I dearly want to use the existing door and jamb because of expenses. Also: when I cut the brick out, what can I do to cover the cut areas of brick? It will not look good without doing something. Any info. helpful and appreciated.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 01/03/2019

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