Forum Title: Skylight shaft flare question
Hello, I am new to this forum. Please excuse me for not knowing the right words for things. I am having a 2x4 Velux skylight installed. My roof is pitched, not flat. I have a flat drop ceiling. The opening in the ceiling was cut to 4x6, with the intention of having all 4 sides of the shaft flared out for maximum light. Now the installer is saying it can't be done the way we planned; he wants to flare the top and bottom, and keep the sides straight. I know I have read about skylight shafts with 4 flared sides - they are described as challenging, but doable. But I can't find any detailed diagrams or instructions. So my questions are: has anyone here done it? Can anyone point me to a description of how it's done? Anything that would help, even a diagram or photo. Thank you.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: THOMAS WILSON (Warwick, RI), 01/16/2019

I forget the name of them but there are tension rods in the sides of the frame. One may have come loose. There is a special tool. It's cheap but very much needed.

- VICTOR PRICE (Lawrence, KS), 02/02/2019

Thanks for taking the time to respond Lefty. I am impressed that you accomplished this, now that I see what is involved. We basically gave up for this skylight, and will just taper the top and bottom and go with vertical sides. I was interested by your reply, because it answered a question I had - can this be done with only 4 flat planes? ANd from what you said, it took you 4 large planes, plus 2 small pie shaped ones. We didn't think of that, I wonder if it would have worked in our setup. The installer is a bit fed up at this point though. Thank you.

- DANNY HENDERSON (Rock Hill, SC), 02/15/2019

I perfectly understand that the installer got fed up. Trust me, I DID TOO!! But, my wife got her whip out... Three days later, (plus a couple of 6-packs and a lot of new words) I stumbled across the solution. You're the customer -- get what you want. But now that you realize just how involved it is, you'll understand why the installation bill WILL be bigger. And feel free to have your installer post in here, and I'll do what I can to coach him. Or PM me and I'll shoot you my email address. He and I can talk that way too. I'm totally happy with the way my skylights came out, and now that I've lived with them for about 20 years, and having seen so many others that settled for straight shafts and how much less light they have, I'm glad that my wife was so persistant!!

- JILL WALSH (Grand Junction, CO), 02/25/2019

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