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I live in Texas so we don't have severe winters, but we have a large porch that is screened and we have a kitchen on one end of the porch. We use the porch all year for entertaining; however, there are some cold days that makes us head inside where it is warm. I would like to put up some type of decorative shade or material that would keep out some of the cold and allow me to put heaters on the porch so that I can use that space for entertaining in the winter. Do you have any suggestions? Linda Diers
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DANA RIOS (Waco, TX), 01/27/2019

Hi firedog, I can't find my favorite link that goes over low-e coatings and their spectral selectivity. In other words, they can allow solar energy to pass into the house while blocking radiant energy form escaping. I found the link below but haven't read it all as yet. I will and let you know if it covers your question or not. It looks like it might. Also, not often mentioned is that the windows that are best for the north side of your home aren't always the best for the south side. Yet every window order I have ever seen, they are all the same. As an added note, I just returned from a supply house in Bangor where I had a heated discussion about energy efficiency. Seems they just had an expert in to talk to all of the employees to help them be knowledgeable about energy efficiency. Unfortunately, some of what they were told was WRONG and windows was part of the discussion. There is so much misinformation out there that the consumer is challenged to determine what is best. That's the hint for you, as you will find some who say you are right and some who say you are wrong. My best advice is to always be wary of a sales person, because their product will always solve whatever problem you have. Sorry sales people, it is all too often true. I'll be back Bud

- FRANCISCO HANSON (Thousand Oaks, CA), 02/16/2019

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